Turtle,snake,and lizard Reptile Rescue Center

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At ccsb reptile rescue our first goal is to rescue all reptiles in need and then find them good homes. But second is to educate the public about the reptile species and the good they can do for us and the enviroment. Also we like to try to ease the fear that people have of reptiles and show them that with the proper care , knowledge, and handling they can make good pets. There are obviously some species that are a whole lot harder to handle and care for than others that is where we try to give the proper education so that pet owners and soon to be pet owners can make the best decision possible to which species would be best for them. With any animal there can always be down sides and things people need to know to be as best prepared as they can be so that yet again they have the proper knowledge to give the animal the best life possible.    

All of the money from the shows we do goes to help fund our efforts in the rescue and rehabilitation of all the animals here at our sanctuary and also helps us to provide the proper care they need which includes supplies, food, and medicines that the animals need.


Our 1 hour session will include at least 15 animals which will include a question and answer segment about each animal shown, some history and education about each animal, and also being able to touch and hold some of the animals with  permission forms signed by the parents.


Our shows are not completely age specific but we do cater more to the youth. Our programs are for churches, schools, birthday parties, parties, daycare events, scouts and other organizational events, and other children's events.


Pricing below is only for events within 15 miles of our sanctuary outside 15 miles is 80 cents a mile and anything 100 miles or in other states must call for pricing. Thanks for your support.


The cost of shows for schools and other organizations is $200 for the first hour and then $100 for each additional hour for the same day only. The smaller the groups the more interactive we can make the shows between 15-40 works best at one time or you may want to book us a little longer depending on how many children you are wanting to see the show. We can do the shows however you would like for the amount of kids you want there. Give us a call and we can make arrangements for what you are looking for. We also offer an all day school rate of $450 for however many grades and students there are, mileage would depend on the distance.



The cost for any private type parties such as birthday parties (ect.) is $250 for the first hour and then $90 for each additional hour same day only. The cost of  having 2 or more childrens birthday parties at the same time will vary you will need to contact us for that pricing.


Travel expenses are included within a 15 mile radius of our sanctuary and then it is 80 cents a mile after that. Anything over 100 miles or in any other states would need to call for pricing.




 Community events such as fairs, carnivals, town events or city style events were it is open to the community we do not charge for those events. Town or event representatives will need to give us a call so we can make arrangements for those types of events.



                       CHAD OR CRISTINA   (336) 749-3250