Turtle,snake,and lizard Reptile Rescue Center

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We are North Carolina's largest reptile rescue & rehab center working with both exotic and native reptiles we currently house many multiple species of reptiles and we are proud to be able to work with and help these animals. We are licensed as rehabilitators through the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission and we are also licensed to work with endangered species in N.C. We are a family owned and operated rescue and rehabilitation center that is based out of Winston-Salem North Carolina. Chad & Cristina along with our sons love very much the joy that we get working with these wonderful creatures. God has blessed and allowed us to be able to help these animals with whatever there needs may be whether it be getting them back to health or just finding them a new and permanent home. We work with all reptiles and amphibians native and exotic but our favorite is working with turtles and tortoises. We are blessed to be able to work with and help many different agencies and organizations such as U.S. fish and game ( US fish and wildlife), North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission (state fish and game), Forsyth County Emergency Management, N.C. department of agriculture, Department of the interior, F.E.M.A. on the animal level, several natural science centers, atleast 15 different animal controls throughout North Carolina, and many other rescue's and rehab facilities and also many law enforcement agencies and fire departments to help them with reptile issues. We have a few different species of turtles , snakes , lizards, tortoises, and crocodilian that we have as pets and we enjoy working with these animals. In addition to the care these animals get we also do NOT allow any breeding of any form by the animals while at our sanctuary. We offer removal from homes and ponds of turtles and snakes but we also take in unwanted reptiles. ANY animals that are available to the general public will be on our adoption pages. We do adopt out animals that are able to be adopted out to new homes and if there not then we work in coordination with zoo's,  science centers and educational facilities to ensure that they are still able to be enjoyed but from a safe distance and make sure that these animals still have the best care possible. Any animals that are available to the general public will be on our adoption pages with their picture and the price there are 2 pages with different animals that are adoptable. 

You can also check us out at our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ccsbreptile.rescue

You can go to our removal page to see the types of animals we remove . We offer our removal services in the peidmont triad area of north carolina but we take in unwanted reptiles and amphibians from all over the state and surrounding states.

We do accept donations of money, aquariums, terrariums,vivariums, living items, housing items and anything that would help us give these animals the complete care that they may need to make sure that while in our care they get the best treatment possible. If you wish to make a donation to help with our efforts give us a call at 336 749 3250. or GO TO THE DONATE BUTTON ON THE HOME PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE. Thanks for your support.

HAVE A DAY OF FUN We offer educational shows for church events, schools, parties, private parties, birthday parties and many other occasions go to our educational events page for more info about our shows and cost. YOU CAN ALSO MEET THE STARS OF THE SHOW go to the show animals album in the photo section




Phone # 336 749 3250

For surrenders or medical questions please feel free to email us at ccsbreptilerescue@live.com 



We would like to thank those people who have already been generous enough to donate cash and there unwanted items to help make sure that these animals are well taken care of while in our care. From all of us here at CCSB Reptile Rescue we hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks and God bless